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The Connactive Story


Lets team up and motivate each other to do sports together!

Coming to a new city and not knowing anyone with whom you can do sports together sounds like a problem that you know well?

You have no motivation and no real reason to move?

All offers to do sports cost a lot of money and are not diverse enough?


We want to change this!

Our CONNACTIVE platform connects people to meet for activities, get more active and live a healthier lifestyle.
With our
CONNACTIVE app you can quickly, safely and easily find people to get active with!



We want to connect you, sports instructors and sports enthusiasts to get moving together. Whether it's meeting to play tennis, doing a workout together, or finding a partner for a soccer game spontaniously!


Our vision is to connect and take the stress out of our everyday lives through physical activity, live healthier lives, and most importantly be surrounded by people we have fun with!

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Connactive at Nova SBE

Our first community we want to build is from the Nova SBE environment in Lisbon/ Portugal, including students, faculty and all the institutions that belong to it.

You are from Nova? Join us!

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